The IKS Korath was a D7 class battle cruiser active in the latter 23rd century. The Korath was launched under the command of Captain Skarl, son of Kurat. It comprised a crew of 430. The majority of the crew were Klingon. In addition, other subject races served in lower positions. The Korath had a long and illustrious career under Skarl. It discovered strange new worlds, conquered new life and new civilizations, and expanded the empire where no Klingon had before.

As with all Klingon vessels, life aboard the Korath was hard and brutal. Fighting was common. Officers rose through the ranks based on assassination as much as merit. Crew were monitored by security cameras placed throughout the ship to ensure loyalty. However, honor and duty were respected and the crew shared a sense of being one clan in shared conquest and glory.

The Korath was active on the frontlines of the empire. As a result, it did battle with Starfleet, Romulans, the Gorn and other warrior races throughout the galaxy. It took part in the Battle of Abrams II, destroying many Federation ships before being forced to withdraw and regroup. The Korath also had a number of encounters with the USS Tantalus, which disappeared in 2270. As a result, the Korath was referred to as "the ghost maker".

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Captain Skarl - Son of Kurat Edit

Born to the House of Kurat on planet Kui II on January 30, 2233 (Month of Doqath, Year of Kahless 859). Lord Skarl was the commanding officer of the IKS Korath. As a member of an imperial house, Skarl carried an air of charm and nobility. He had an illustrious career of victory and conquest. Skarl was loyal to the Klingon Empire, and believed deeply in the concepts of duty and honor.